Youth Development


 Development Courses


Business Development

This business development course is designed to mentor, support, and equip today’s students with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs.



This program will help students develop the emotional intelligence required to lead others, contribute to community building by enhancing leadership skills. This program will inspire and empower students to make a difference in the world around them.


Financial Literacy

This program delivers the key foundation knowledge that is necessary to develop good money management habits that will assist our students in their personal and business related finances. 


Inventors Corner

Students will learn about tools, materials and tricks to help them prototype an idea! They will learn the steps to bringing inventions from idea to prototype to patent to manufacturer. By taking this course, our students  will  learn to see problems as opportunities.  

Ongoing Training Courses


App Development

Computer programming can help kids develop vital problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It also encourages kids to become creators and not simply consumers of technology. In this program we teach everything from simple commands to complex programs.



Children see the world through a special lens. There is a purity to their imagination that at some point most adults lose. Not only will we teach students the art of photography but how to make a living from it.  


Graphic/Website Design

Graphic and website design is high in demand. By taking these classes students can learn to create websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Studio Recording

ARK students who choose music as a skill, will not only learn how to play instruments and record music, they will repurpose their skills and develop a business by creating opportunities around their musical skills.